Moving from Conventional manufacturing towards Advanced Digital manufacturing and Additive manufacturing.


Introducing new capabilities - and solutions - in a company often demands for a change of its business model and organisational structure. The impact of such a change can be huge on any company, regardless of its size. How to move towards industry 4.0, speed up your learning curve, or pinpoint where to start are some of the key points that FADDTORY can help you with.

3D printing Star

Is 3D printing interesting for my company?

Our 3D printing Star service will help you using and implementing 3D printing technologies in your company. It will help you to take stock of the ‘real’ 3D printing maturity of your product and further develop it from there. Depending on your needs, 3D printing Star can include:

  • Economic viability for products and services at idea stage, taking into account any hidden/unknown activities and costs related to 3D printing.
  • Products review to find interesting candidate(s) to be 3D printed with economic and/or functional advantages.

A 3D printing capability maturity assessment tool to determine possible specific training modules.

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Accelerate 3D printing learning.

In order to mitigate the skills gaps of your company, we will specify courses together to provide you with the best training in the 3D printing field. These courses options cover all the technical levels and every profile (CEO, engineers or technicians/operators).

Non-exhaustive list of courses provided to clients

  • 3D printing : update on the technology
  • Economy within 3D printing
  • Masterclasses on 3D printing

Design for 3D printing manufacturing including the complete process chain.

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Research & Development

You need it? You must have it!

The solutions on the existing market are not always answering your needs, but the right material or optimisation might be key for your product or service to be successful.

Research and Development can be costly, and finding the right partners is crucial. Faddtory will use its extensive network, based on more than 20 years experience in the 3D printing field to help you in finding complementary partners and raising funds.

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Strategic Agenda

How to integrate 3D printing?

Assessing, designing and implementing the evolution of your business and its organisational models to successfully integrate the novel 3D printing-based solutions can be a challenge as many hidden costs have to be considered.


  • Supports your strategic agenda to achieve a successful 3D printing integration in-house or through subcontractors.
  • Assesses in details the ‘real’ 3D printing maturity of your business, an essential step before considering large-scale investment in 3D printing manufacturing.

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You are already a 3D printing proponent. Applying the last knowledge or optimising the process can bring down costs! Yet, 3D printing production needs the best optimisation in terms of functionality or along the full production chain. Faddtory is on your side to keep up the challenge, always with the mind-set of transferring knowledge to you.

Product Development

From design to final product

Following 3D printing pre-set existing rules/guides for your products will be expensive. Moving to 3D printing requires a full understanding of the technology and machines you use and of your entire production process. Faddtory takes into consideration each client’s specificities and proper needs, and offers some tailor-made solutions.

Faddtory will make 3D print design your products achieve exceptional functionalities that will bring competitive advantages. Functional optimisation will help you customise your flagship products for your clients: bespoke products and functionally optimised products (among other possible specs, in terms of weight or vibrations for instance).


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Product Optimisation

The goldmine for your product!

To optimise production costs, each cost item must be analysed. Production costs must include 3D print prototypes and production but also post processing and quality control.

Faddtory optimises your production costs via a global value analysis that takes into account the various functions and cost items.

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Your product is unique, let’s make the difference!

The Factory at the end of the universe takes its name from using various 3D printing technologies with no compromise on product quality. Nowadays, no matter if production takes place at the corner of your street or at the end of the universe. What matters for Faddtory is to meet your expectations with the right product specifications, quality, confidentiality and price.

  • Production should meet your particular needs in terms of materials and process, not what Is commonly proposed.
  • The analysis of your current 3D printing products and quality specifications will be linked to your real needs (number of parts per month/year).
  • The material’s properties are considered as extremely important and must be linked to the machines’ parameters.
  • Your current 3D printed products quality is objectively assessed to find the most adequate solution for you.

Faddtory will help you in defining adapted 3D printing specifications to find the appropriate subcontractors and will use its extensive network to bring you new opportunities.

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Implement 3DP in house

It’s not only about buying a machine!

At some point, implementing 3D printing in house is the solution. Faddtory supports you in :

  • defining the appropriate technology for your products,
  • finding the machine, material and consumable that suits your real needs and budget,
  • integrating the 3D printing in your organisation and business.

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